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Show off your love in the woods. Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) is perfect for couples looking to explore a unique and enchanting place. Many couples consider SGNP to be one of the pre-wedding photo spots in Mumbai. The largest protected urban tropical forest in the world, with lots of rusty green backgrounds for photos. The flora of Sanjay Gandhi National Park makes one think of cinematic scenes from Bollywood movies. The green surroundings of this place and the exquisite views of the mountains and hills are relaxing to the eyes. If you are a nature lover, this would be your perfect pre-wedding location in Mumbai for your wedding.


If you prefer a quieter, rustic setting for your photo ops, drive to the ancient Vasai Fort. The brick walls and damaged arches are beautiful and make for a dreamy backdrop for photography. He is one of the least developed photography locations in Mumbai, but has great potential.

shutter sky prewedding photo


One of the most popular romantic spots for couples to let their love blossom in the air is the Hanging Gardens. These gardens are located at the top of the Malabar Hills overlooking the Arabian Sea, which are best viewed at sunset. You’ll get perfect clicks of plant and animal sculptures worth capturing with the right photographer.


Surrounded by lush green lawns, Sion Fort sits on a pedestal hill. The charm of tranquility amidst the bustle of the city. The fort is a picturesque stone structure with square windows that are believed to have once housed cannons. There are stairs leading to the original building.


Located in the heart of Aarey Colony, Chhota Kashmir perfectly recreates the natural beauty of Kashmir. It has an enchanting lake and a garden full of different flowers that bloom all year round. Provides incredible natural settings for perfect photos.


The Mahakali Caves, also known as Kondhibit Caves, were built centuries ago and are located in the western part of the city of Mumbai in Andheri. The Mahakali Caves consist of a total of 19 rock-cut sites built from the 1st century AD to his 6th century AD. The main cave consists of Buddha statues and stupas, and there are also some Buddha statues carved into the rock. These rugged basalt caves are popular spots for history buffs and archaeologists. Amazingly clean and efficiently maintained, the caves are far from the city, giving them a feeling of tranquility.

Beautifully carved into massive black basalt, this cave has existed since the time of the Ashoka Empire. The presence of a Buddhist stupa indicates that Buddhist monks lived here. The walls contain writings in Pali, a language that predates Sanskrit. Most of the caves are located on low hills, just a few meters above the surrounding area. The caves are carved into volcanic breccia and are prone to weathering. The cave is small with numerous water tanks carved into the rock. Although the images are not clearly visible today, Mahakali Cave is indeed one of the finest examples of rock-hewn monasteries.


Sand on your toes and upper body in your arms is not a perfect photo. Just a short distance from the main Juhu beach, there are a few hidden spots with queues. Meet this beach location for your pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai and spend a fun-filled day with your sweetheart.If the beach you choose is busy, plan an early morning shoot.